Support System

Support System

Managing 6,691,457 members on 44,848 guilds who ran 1,969,611 commands!

Simple to use but still fantastic!

Support System will bring your Discord server to its new top with many unique features! Your users and your staff will love it!


Support System is nearly 100% customizable! Due to that you are able to use the Bot for your own requirements!


The bot is hosted 24 hours a day! Because of that you will never have to worry about a unusable Support!

Active project

Support System is continously getting developed and improved!

Help me fund this Project!

By getting Premium you help me fund the development and hosting of the bot for hundreds of thousands of users!

You are directly responsible for the bots hosting and its future. Premium features:

  • Everything from the free version
  • Access to priority support and beta features
  • Override voting and get far lower cooldowns
  • Rase the limit of panels from 5 to a whole 25
  • Full message customization
  • Toggle private messages
  • Full panel customization
  • Automatic transcripts
  • Ticket automation
  • Remove branding from messages and Panels
  • And many more comming soon...

And last but not least: You help me fund the development of this project

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